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ISG remains fully operational, serving our clients and communities throughout Covid-19, designated by the Department of Homeland Security as an Essential Critical Infrastructure business. ISG has continued to provide services, solutions, and support 24/7 for all security, fire, video and life safety systems and monitoring.

Our Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans had us well prepared prior to the Covid-19 pandemic. Years of planning and preparation for natural disasters and other potential threats provided us with the seamless ability to transition our staff to remote working as needed. We did not wait for an emergency to occur to be ready—our planning, real-time testing, and implementation is a part of everyday business at ISG.

We are following guidance from local, state and federal agencies and implementing all applicable policies and practices throughout our business. Protection of our team protects our clients.

We have incorporated the following into our daily routines:

Health Monitoring. Each team member is required to fill out an applicable questionnaire prior to beginning the workday including symptoms, possible exposure, reporting, quarantining and other appropriate measures.

Personal Protective Equipment is supplied to all team members including masks, gloves sanitizer and wipes.

Social Distancing with our field staff while serving our clients and in our offices, our workspaces are larger than most traditional work environments allowing for social distancing to naturally occur without modification or disruption to workspaces. Our work environment is highly collaborative, and we have added plexiglass barriers in all applicable areas.

Hygiene. We have placed touch-free hand sanitizer stations throughout our offices.

Restricted Access. We have restricted access to our facilities from all outside guests, visitors, and vendors throughout the height of the pandemic, and allow outside individuals into our facilities on a case-by-case basis.

Cleaning & Sanitizing. Additional levels of deeper cleaning and electrostatic fogging multiple times per week.

Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Units were all upgraded to include UV disinfection lamps as well as installation of separate additional air purification and filtration units throughout our offices and warehouse.

Remote Working. We have implemented remote working / work from home policies to reduce the spread. Although we are fully staffed in our offices, we continue to adjust or accommodate specific needs as applicable.