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Video surveillance is the heart of your security system. Day and night, it works to record all potential and current threats to your institution. Without video surveillance your institution’s assets would be very vulnerable, as would your employees and customers. Video surveillance has the ability to monitor every inch of your institution, and when installed correctly and carefully, can be 100% reliable.

Here are five things to assess or keep in mind when installing a video surveillance system in your financial institution.

1. Make Sure All Entrances & Exits Are Covered

How many entrances and exits are there in the building? Be sure that a camera monitors every single one at all times. Robbers will know which doors are not monitored and use this as an advantage.

2. Place at All ATMs

Whether your ATMs are only accessible during hours of operation or 24-hours, be sure that there is a camera at each one. Cameras should be set up to capture the whole face of each of the ATM users.

3. Monitor All Teller Areas

Cameras should be set up to capture the whole teller area. Customers’ faces should be visible. This is not only to protect your assets but your employees as well.

4. Monitor the Parking Lot

Installing cameras to survey the parking lot ensures that all grounds are covered. Every person that enters and exits will be monitored, even their vehicles.

5. What Areas Are Most Vulnerable During Closed Hours?

When closed, your institution may be the most vulnerable. Be sure to think about and assess which areas may become more vulnerable during closed hours and add extra surveillance. These areas may be inside your building or outside.

When your electronic security provider is installing your video surveillance system, be sure that they are taking these five things into account. If you have any doubt, please re-evaluate who you are trusting with your institution’s security—it may be time to switch your electronic security provider. If you are not sure of exactly how to create the optimal video surveillance design, ISG can help.

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