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First and foremost, your company’s assets are top priority when thinking about the safety and security of your institution. If your assets are compromised, that’s it, there may be no coming back.

Now let's look at the other aspects of your institution that you rely on to maintain your reputation and success, your employees. Ensuring the safety and happiness of your employees is crucial when running a company. If your employees are unhappy or do not feel secure, this may influence whether or not your institution is running smoothly.

The following is a list of benefits of video surveillance besides loss prevention:

  • Sexual harassment
  • Employee theft
  • Poor customer service
  • Negligence
  • Bullying

When your electronic security provider first arrived at your institution to do an estimate and walk through, he/she should have not only considered where you store your assets but also where your employees will be. The following is a list of places that should be covered by surveillance:

  • Employee lounge
  • Employee entrance/exit
  • Employee parking
  • Stock room
  • Customer service counter

Employees should never feel unsafe in a workplace. Installing all of this surveillance is not only beneficial to you but also to your employees.

Take a walk around your institution, check to see if surveillance has been installed in the places listed above. Speak with your employees, do any of them feel unsafe? If you are starting to question the safety of your employees due to lack of surveillance, maybe it is time to switch providers…

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