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Top Reasons to Upgrade Your Commercial Access Control System in 2023

Your business is continually adapting to the times—and your commercial access control system should be, too. As technology constantly improves, there are new opportunities for better protection, as well as new vulnerabilities in older systems. Keeping your security equipment up-to-date helps keep your facility, your people, and your bottom line safer. If your existing access control system is becoming more of a sticking point than a safeguard, check out these three great reasons to upgrade your technology this year.

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Posted 5/15/2023

Why Your Business Needs Commercial Fire Alarm Monitoring

A facility fire is one of the most devastating events a business can experience. Even after the flames have been put out, the long-term impacts of a workplace fire are often disastrous. With your property, equipment, and files destroyed, the entire company you’ve built is now at risk—in fact, many businesses that experience a fire will never re-open.

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Posted 10/19/2022

Tips for Fire Safety in the Workplace

With so many demands on your time, it’s tempting to put workplace fire safety planning on the back burner—after all, a fire might not seem very likely in your office building. Yet in only a matter of minutes, a fire can cause unimaginable destruction, putting the lives of your staff and customers at risk while threatening the business you’ve worked so hard for. Across the United States each year, there are thousands of office fires, causing hundreds of millions of dollars in property damage. Don’t let your business become one of these statistics—check out our fire safety in the workplace tips.

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Posted 9/21/2022

Why Traditional Keys are a Business Security Risk

If your business relies on traditional keys to lock your facility (or anything within it, such as records or machinery), you might think that your security rests on the strength of your locks. However, the truth is that your business is only as secure as your keys are kept.

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Posted 1/18/2022

The Importance of Your Annual Fire Code Inspection

Your commercial building is probably equipped with fire extinguishers, illuminated exit lights, and a sprinkler system—but these alone are not enough to keep your staff and your customers safe in the event of a fire. An annual fire code inspection ensures that your business has the right safety equipment in place and is in compliance with the applicable fire code for commercial buildings. Learn more about why these inspections are necessary, and what to expect when the fire marshal shows up.

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Posted 12/1/2021

Analyzing Your RAID System for Data Protection

Data loss and IT system failure are scary possibilities a company faces when dealing with methods of data storage. Evidence, files, and all other recorded data can be lost without chance of recovery when effective backup systems are not in place. Fault tolerance, or the idea that if one component of a system fails another is able to replace it, is built up effectively as data is stored in more places. Many video recorder systems lack RAID protection, which can unfortunately lead to loss of recorded data. This can be detrimental to many industries requiring adequate surveillance, such as financial institutions.

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Posted 12/11/2019

Environmental Protection for Data Centers & IT Rooms

Cyber threats and hacking are at the forefront of concerns for professionals responsible for data centers, server rooms and overall IT compliance. When was the last time you thought about improving the protection to the physical infrastructure of your IT room or data center from all possible risks—human, environmental, and more?

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Posted 11/28/2019

The Importance of Having a Building Access Control System

Every door to your building has a lock and a deadbolt. You also have video surveillance in every corner. Is access control really necessary? Yes. The answer to this question is always yes, access control is very necessary. Whether your institution is small, medium or large, the need for access control is always there. Keys can be lost, stolen and replicated. Access control eliminates the extra hassle and the extra stress.

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Posted 5/23/2016