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Cyber threats and hacking are at the forefront of concerns for professionals responsible for data centers, server rooms and overall IT compliance. When was the last time you thought about improving the protection to the physical infrastructure of your IT room or data center from all possible risks—human, environmental, and more?

What Are Common Environmental Data Center Issues?

  • Overheating – Non-optimal temperatures can affect server performance, to the point where they could slow or cease to work entirely.
  • Power Management – Power surges, tripped breakers, blackouts, crowded circuitry and other electrical issues can result in loss of data and malfunctioning systems.
  • Fire Damage – Increased server temperatures can spiral out of control and spark a fire. Even measures taken to end a fire can have further negative results such as water or smoke damage.
  • Water Damage – Plumbing mishaps, flooding and roof leaks cause water damage that could potentially destroy your data systems.
  • Natural Disasters – Hurricanes, tornadoes and windstorms can wreak havoc on data centers within structures that have not been effectively storm-proofed.
  • Unauthorized Access – Improper surveillance and door lock security can result in unauthorized persons gaining access to your IT room and all of your data.

How Can These Data Center Issues Be Prevented?

You probably noticed through the examples above that one issue can quickly lead to another and cause a massive problem. For example, power issues can trigger A/C systems to shut down, which leads to servers overheating, which could then even lead to a fire. Keeping a sufficiently-protected IT room can be achieved through properly working alarm systems, temperature monitors, storm-proofing and effective surveillance.

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