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Intrusion detection, burglar alarms, security systems—whichever name you are most familiar with, Integrated Security Group provides the highest level of systems and services.

ISG has chosen only commercial burglar alarm systems that meet or exceed all of the strictest standards or requirements established by Underwriters Laboratory (UL) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) of the U.S.

Along with ISG’s experience, a variety of unique features can solve even the most challenging situations and provide substantial cost savings while maximizing the capability of your technologies. These include:

High-Line Security (Formerly Referred to as UL-AA)

With this level of service, you never need to worry whether your system is communicating with the monitoring center.

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Integrated Individual Point

With integrated individual point monitoring of environmental factors, including temperature, fire, suppression, generator, sprinkler, industrial process, video and many more, you get pinpoint accuracy of what’s happening and where in your facility, without the cost of several separate services or expensive pieces of equipment. At ISG, there is never an extra charge to monitor additional points of protection or detection.

Single System Solution

Our systems pack quite a punch when it comes to value and convenience. Integrate your security, fire, and access control systems into one capable control panel. With the power and capacity for expansion, you can gain greater control of your systems, with less hardware. A single software platform puts you back in control of your security, safety and your budget!

Take Control of Your Facility

Get the best protection for what matters most. Speak with an ISG security consultant to learn more about our commercial burglar alarms.

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