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A comprehensive process for evaluating risk and building a customized solution for your specific needs and situation.

Assessing Risk

Before a risk can be mitigated it must be identified. Our thorough Risk Assessment helps to identify the level of security required and quickly identifies ways to reach the desired level of protection.

Reviewing Your Current Systems

We test and evaluate your current systems, determining their effectiveness and identifying areas for improvement to achieve the desired level of performance.

Measuring Guard Force Performance

Are you getting the most out of your security personnel? During our security assessment, the major cost center in many security budgets can be analyzed to ensure peak performance.

Documenting Security Policy & Procedures

A documented plan and set of protocols is vital for successful execution of an integrated security plan. Documenting policies and procedures assists management in defining objectives, and ensures that employees and staff perform with more consistency and reliability.

Training Guidelines

Working with your security team management, we establish training guidelines and hiring practices that will promote greater assurance of performance quality.

Do You Know Your Risk Level?

Speak with an ISG security consultant about a risk assessment and safety planning assistance for your business.

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