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Do you know how you would respond to a disaster and ultimately, how your organization would recover?

The business disaster recovery and response programs developed by ISG allow you to breathe a little easier and handle the critical incidents you face, instead of worrying about your life safety and security system(s) and whether or not they will fail you.

When you need your systems the most, ISG will be there for you—ready to get you back online and in communication with your facilities. With a dedicated team of prepared professionals who know your needs first-hand, ISG can ensure system continuity at some of the most challenging times and in some of the most difficult situations.

As a security provider, we look at business continuity & disaster recovery in several different areas:

  1. Our own capability to continue to serve our clients in the event of a disaster or major equipment failure
  2. A combination of the first with our clients impacted
  3. Your specific needs in the event of a disaster or catastrophic failure

Is Your Business Prepared for Disaster?

Learn more about our business disaster recovery services, and ask for a copy of our Know How To Be Prepared, a guide to disaster recovery specifically for security clients.

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