Alarm Monitoring Technology

State-of-the-art technology (of course), and experienced, highly trained professionals staffing the finest Central Monitoring Facility in the nation.

Redundant Phone Switch Communication is the most critical component to any central station. We have taken great care to ensure continuous communication and no interruptions. Our Monitoring Center employs an Avaya Definity G3R Version 11 Communication Switch with critical reliability option. The switch has dual processors and redundant fiber optic links between carriers for greater dependability, and is designed to continue working even in the event of a component failure.

The Monitoring Center’s primary power for the telecommunication system is DC, AND IS SUPPORTED BY TWO Uninterruptible Power Supply’s and dual Caterpillar generators. This investment in the best available telecommunications technology virtually guarantees that your calls will get through, no matter what the circumstances.


Our Center offers TRIPLE Telecommunications back-up. Utilizing four national service providers (MCI, PaeTec, Sprint and AT&T) as well as a pair of local providers, their multiple T-3 circuits from each telecom provider enter the monitoring facility through a fiber optic Synchronous Optical Network (SONET) architecture: One provider's two T-3s enter from one access, while another enters the center's network from a separate point with its own independent T-3s. It is mission critical reliability with triple back-up.


No expense has been spared to assure you that the computer systems handling the critical information for you have an uncompromising level of security. Multi-layered alarm processing redundancy is built on a full gigabit fiber optic backbone. Workstations communicate via Cisco 2950 series hubs with redundant fiber optic links, connected to a pair of Cisco Catalyst 6509 core switches with duplicated processor and power options package. Two IBM 7025-6F1 AIX servers with dual gigabit network cards and dual power supplies maintain real-time RAID 10 lockstep mirroring.

Additionally, six IBM F50 AIX servers minimize the main server’s non critical task loads. Two servers continually update data at the application level for quadruple redundancy.


Today we worry about more than power outages effecting information networks. Physical security is no longer enough. Our Monitoring Center utilizes the best network security available to protect all data communications. Network security includes dual NetWolves WolfPac firewall servers – impenetrable to outsiders and redundant Blue Ridge crypto servers that create a VPN “cryptographic tunnel” for external, remote access. The Monitoring Center’s servers additionally run anti-spy ware and anti virus applications to assure that all data and information systems are secure and free of any cyber threats that could interrupt or compromise the network.


Even our power is backed-up. Dual Caterpillar generators are locked down in an environmentally secured enclosure that protects in every way the custom designed, digitally controlled, fully monitored 600 kw diesel generators. The generators have independent 1200 gallon fuel tanks and seamless switching so there is never an interruption of power.


As an additional layer of reliability the Monitoring Center employs dual Liebert 150 Kva Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS). Each unit is capable of supporting the full critical load of the Monitoring Facility.

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