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Analyzing RAID

November 21, 2016

Analyzing RAID

Data loss and IT system failure are scary possibilities a company faces when dealing with methods of data storage. Evidence, files, and all other recorded data can be lost without chance of recovery when effective backup systems are not in place. Fault tolerance, or the idea that if one component of a system fails another is able to replace it, is built up effectively as data is stored in more places. Many DVR systems lack RAID protection, which can unfortunately lead to loss of recorded data. This can be detrimental to many industries requiring adequate surveillance, such as financial institu…

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Environmental Protection for Data and IT Rooms

November 2, 2016

Environmental Protection for Data and IT Rooms

Cyber threats and hacking are at the forefront of concerns for data and IT companies. But, when was the last time you thought about protecting the physical infrastructure of your IT room? Environmental dangers pose a significant risk to your company.   What are the dangers? • Overheating - Non-optimal temperatures can affect server performance, to the point where they could slow or cease to work entirely. • Power Management - Power surges, tripped breakers, blackouts, crowded circuitry and other electrical issues can result in loss of data and malfunctioning systems. • Fire Damage - Incre…

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Getting More Than You'd Expect from Your Surveillance System Part 2

Learning how to get the most from your technology without always having to make a new investment is critical to creating a safer more secure environment fo…

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Getting More Than You'd Expect from Your Surveillance System Part One

How to Expect and Get More from Your Video Surveillance System As the individuals charged with caring for and creating safer environments for our respecti…

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Communications and Monitoring Systems

Ensuring the safety of your assets and employees is top priority as the decision maker of a prestigious institution.  Here at ISG, we understand and agree …

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