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Unlike other security companies whose primary goal is to sell—and upsell—you as much as they can, for as much as they can, our goal is more simple. We want to listen to you.

Because you know your organization’s needs better than anyone. And while we have the expertise and experience to help you identify and address your security risks, the solutions we provide won't be as effective as they should be if we don’t listen to you first.

So, here’s our promise: when we sit down for the first time, you’ll do most of the talking.

We start each client relationship by listening. We do not approach anything with preconceived, proprietary, or pre-packaged solutions. Instead, we listen to the needs of our clients and then build solutions that meet these unique needs.

And when we’re done assessing your risk and developing your solutions, you’ll see that we heard your concerns, we learned from your insight, and our answers will be right on the money—for the right amount of money.

With ISG, your system and use of technology will be tailored to your needs and reducing risk. You shouldn’t have to adjust your needs—and increase risk—to comply with system requirements.

Why trust ISG with your most critical operational function—your safety and security?

  • Decades of experience and industry leadership mean no one in this business knows how to keep your assets safer than we do.
  • We don’t believe the solution to your needs comes in a pre-packaged set of services and technologies. Every organization is unique; your customized security system should be, too. With us, it will be—every time.
  • We know security technology, from state-of-the art to aging legacy systems, and we know how to integrate system improvements with existing systems and infrastructure for optimal performance at the lowest possible cost.

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