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Ensuring that your human resources are as prepared and alert as your technology.

Should you have a proprietary guard force, or should you contract with an external firm? Do your guards know how to use the technology at their disposal? Are your guards prepared for a disaster? These are just a handful of hundreds of questions you need answered to manage your guard force effectively. ISG can help you evaluate your security operation’s human resources—often the biggest item in your operational budget—and give you the answers you need for more effective performance.

Establishing new procedures is not done when the last manual is bound and shelved.

We’ll show you how to train your force in proper implementation of new policies and procedures, as well as in the use of new technical tools, so that your risks are minimized and the procedures implemented accurately.

Don’t Settle for a Sense of Security

Maximize your training and minimize your risk. Speak with an ISG consultant to learn how.

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