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Top Reasons to Upgrade Your Commercial Access Control System in 2023

Your business is continually adapting to the times—and your commercial access control system should be, too. As technology constantly improves, there are new opportunities for better protection, as well as new vulnerabilities in older systems. Keeping your security equipment up-to-date helps keep your facility, your people, and your bottom line safer. If your existing access control system is becoming more of a sticking point than a safeguard, check out these three great reasons to upgrade your technology this year.

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Posted 5/15/2023

Ensuring Better Security During Bank Opening Procedures

On the morning of Thursday, November 17, 2022, employees opening a bank on Martha’s Vineyard were ambushed by three armed robbers. At gunpoint, an employee was forced to open a vault, from which more than $39,000 was stolen. In an age when crimes against financial institutions are increasingly virtual, this case highlights the need for vigilance when it comes to physical security measures, particularly during branch opening.

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Posted 2/27/2023

How to Create a Cannabis Dispensary Security Plan in New York

Long-awaited retail sales of recreational cannabis finally began in New York State last month, nearly two years after the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act (MRTA) was signed into law. The state has embraced the new industry, which is slated to create jobs and increase tax revenues—but for dispensary licensees and license applicants, there are still many hurdles to overcome, including strict security requirements.

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Posted 1/17/2023

Why Your Business Needs Commercial Fire Alarm Monitoring

A facility fire is one of the most devastating events a business can experience. Even after the flames have been put out, the long-term impacts of a workplace fire are often disastrous. With your property, equipment, and files destroyed, the entire company you’ve built is now at risk—in fact, many businesses that experience a fire will never re-open.

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Posted 10/19/2022

Tips for Fire Safety in the Workplace

With so many demands on your time, it’s tempting to put workplace fire safety planning on the back burner—after all, a fire might not seem very likely in your office building. Yet in only a matter of minutes, a fire can cause unimaginable destruction, putting the lives of your staff and customers at risk while threatening the business you’ve worked so hard for. Across the United States each year, there are thousands of office fires, causing hundreds of millions of dollars in property damage. Don’t let your business become one of these statistics—check out our fire safety in the workplace tips.

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Posted 9/21/2022

How Healthcare Security Systems Can Solve 3 Common Challenges

Expansive, open, and teeming with foot traffic at all hours of the day and night, hospital environments present unique security challenges. These facilities must be accessible to patients, visitors, and staff at many different levels, but this very accessibility also leaves them vulnerable to security threats. The right security system for healthcare environments can integrate a variety of facets to mitigate the risks hospitals face.

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Posted 8/23/2022

New York’s ATM Safety Act: Is Your Bank in Compliance?

The ATM Safety Act of New York was designed to protect bank customers at a vulnerable time—when handling cash, typically alone, and focused on the task in front of them. Although crime rates at ATMs have been steadily declining and today are rare, New York’s law contains “best practices” to keep your customers and your organization secure. Is your bank in compliance with them?

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Posted 6/21/2022

How to Create a Cannabis Dispensary Security Plan in Maine

After Maine residents voted to move forward with the legalization of recreational cannabis in 2016, the adult-use marijuana industry has continued to grow. Monthly sales from the state’s 50+ stores now top $10 million, and nearly 200 more license applications are still awaiting final approval.

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Posted 5/10/2022

How to Create a Cannabis Dispensary Security Plan in Massachusetts

In the five years since Massachusetts residents voted to legalize recreational cannabis in the state, marijuana sales have surpassed the $2 billion mark—generating millions in tax revenue, creating new jobs, and attracting young entrepreneurs. Now that the benefits are apparent, new vendors and cultivators are jostling for dispensary licenses and real estate.

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Posted 4/14/2022