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How Healthcare Security Systems Can Solve 3 Common Challenges

Expansive, open, and teeming with foot traffic at all hours of the day and night, hospital environments present unique security challenges. These facilities must be accessible to patients, visitors, and staff at many different levels, but this very accessibility also leaves them vulnerable to security threats. The right security system for healthcare environments can integrate a variety of facets to mitigate the risks hospitals face.

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Posted 8/23/2022

Staying Compliant with HIPAA: Video Surveillance in Healthcare Settings

Across the United States, hospitals and other healthcare facilities are looking for ways to leverage technology to protect their staff, reduce their liability, and better serve their patients. Video surveillance is a critical component of your security plan that can contribute to these goals—but ensuring you remain compliant with HIPAA is crucial.

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Posted 7/22/2022

New York’s ATM Safety Act: Is Your Bank in Compliance?

The ATM Safety Act of New York was designed to protect bank customers at a vulnerable time—when handling cash, typically alone, and focused on the task in front of them. Although crime rates at ATMs have been steadily declining and today are rare, New York’s law contains “best practices” to keep your customers and your organization secure. Is your bank in compliance with them?

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Posted 6/21/2022

How to Create a Cannabis Dispensary Security Plan in Maine

After Maine residents voted to move forward with the legalization of recreational cannabis in 2016, the adult-use marijuana industry has continued to grow. Monthly sales from the state’s 50+ stores now top $10 million, and nearly 200 more license applications are still awaiting final approval.

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Posted 5/10/2022

How to Create a Cannabis Dispensary Security Plan in Massachusetts

In the five years since Massachusetts residents voted to legalize recreational cannabis in the state, marijuana sales have surpassed the $2 billion mark—generating millions in tax revenue, creating new jobs, and attracting young entrepreneurs. Now that the benefits are apparent, new vendors and cultivators are jostling for dispensary licenses and real estate.

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Posted 4/14/2022

How to Create a Cannabis Dispensary Security Plan in Connecticut

Last year, Connecticut legalized recreational marijuana use, and earlier this month began accepting applications for opening adult-use cannabis dispensaries. Retail shops are already widespread in other New England states including Massachusetts and Maine, and prove to be a lucrative venture with strong potential for growth. However, CT applicants must be prepared to answer for all aspects of their business—including how they will meet stringent security requirements.

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Posted 3/9/2022

Why Traditional Keys are a Business Security Risk

If your business relies on traditional keys to lock your facility (or anything within it, such as records or machinery), you might think that your security rests on the strength of your locks. However, the truth is that your business is only as secure as your keys are kept.

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Posted 1/18/2022

The Importance of Your Annual Fire Code Inspection

Your commercial building is probably equipped with fire extinguishers, illuminated exit lights, and a sprinkler system—but these alone are not enough to keep your staff and your customers safe in the event of a fire. An annual fire code inspection ensures that your business has the right safety equipment in place and is in compliance with the applicable fire code for commercial buildings. Learn more about why these inspections are necessary, and what to expect when the fire marshal shows up.

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Posted 12/1/2021

Three Bank Security Solutions Your Financial Institution Needs

When it comes to bank security management, today’s financial institutions have a full plate—in addition to the vault, security is also a primary concern in the lobby, drive-up window, ATM, night drop, and parking lot, not to mention a crucial consideration for online services and records. Providing adequate protection for so many avenues can be a challenge. Luckily, a variety of solutions can streamline these needs, beginning with these three essential systems.

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Posted 10/19/2021

Bank Security During Opening & Closing Procedures

For financial institution managers and employees, bank security requires constant vigilance. However, the opening and closing procedures can be a particularly vulnerable time. How can you implement or strengthen your security practices to ensure the safety of your employees, your customers, and your assets?

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Posted 7/9/2021