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Strong deterrence, improved vision, and unlimited flexibility are just the beginning of an ISG commercial video surveillance system.

The powerful impact of commercial video surveillance, enhanced by technological leaps in image quality and retention, has transformed it into a central function of almost every security system. ISG has designed, engineered, and managed some of the most sophisticated video installations in the nation, covering over 25 million square feet of space.

Our commercial video surveillance systems offer fast, easy network access and provide the ability to clearly see the threats your business faces, day or night.

All systems we design and install include robust image storage capacity, no matter what level of quality imaging you require. Our camera installations are also designed to capture images that are useful and compelling as post-event evidence.

Your system can, if you choose, also tie into our Central Monitoring system, staffed by professionals trained to meet your unique surveillance needs.

Security You Can See from Anywhere

Speak with an ISG security consultant about professional commercial video surveillance systems that protect and monitor your facility.

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