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For nearly a decade, the Connecticut Bankers Association has supported the efforts of its member banks and the community at large by offering a valuable tool in the fight against financial crimes including, robbery, armed robbery, fraud, theft, skimming, counterfeit activities and more.

In the beginning the FBI assigned the local Special Agent in Charge to facilitate and manage the submissions to the site, verifying and communicating with bankers and law enforcement agencies on the sharing of relevant information that could not only solve crimes that have been committed but potentially reduce the number of crimes through the increased awareness and sharing of valuable data and images. Like many agencies, the FBI has not been able to keep up with the demands and had to relinquish its role as administrator and liaison for these efforts, and the site laid dormant for a couple of years.

Earlier in 2013, Harry J. Azano from ISG Security approached the Connecticut Police Chiefs on behalf of the Connecticut Bankers Association for their endorsement and assistance with getting the site back up and running with current data. During these discussions Integrated Security Group (ISG Security) was chosen to become the new administrator of the site and supporting sponsor along with the Connecticut Police Chiefs Association, Connecticut Bankers Reward Association, and the Connecticut Bankers Association.

With a new address and a few minor updates the site was re-launched with the ctfinancialcrimesmostwanted.com address. Timely information began to flow in from security directors, and law enforcement and in quick order not only did the sharing of information begin, it started to produce results. Numerous crimes have not only been solved and the individuals who committed them captured by law enforcement; the public is now starting to review the site and offer tips to assist with the solving of several of these crimes.

ISG is proud to sponsor and contribute its efforts toward this ongoing effort and looks forward to adding new dimensions to the site in the coming year.

Thank you to all those who have contributed it their time, experience and effort to this worthy cause.