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Emergency light and fire extinguisher codes vary state to state. One thing that all states have in common is that there should be emergency lights and fire extinguishers in every building. These technologies ensure the safety of your employees, your customers/clients, and your assets.

Emergency Lights

Emergency lights can be stand alone or they can be integrated with exit signs. Either way, they should be placed at each exit as well as other necessary locations in your building.

Testing Tips:

  • Tests should be done both monthly and annually.
  • These tests can be done by hitting the test button or flipping the test switch. The button or switch simulates a power outage and activates the battery which will, in turn, activate the lights.
  • The test should last 30 seconds once a month, and 90 seconds once a year.
  • This testing should be done by your current electronic security provider.
  • Your provider should keep a log of when the tests are done to make sure that you are always up-to-date.

Fire Extinguishers

The number of fire extinguishers that are required to be in your building varies depending on the hazard level and square footage of the building.

Testing Tips:

  • Tests should be performed by a certified testing company once a year.
  • The extinguishers should be changed out every ten years.
  • When a fire extinguisher has been tested, the company will place a cardboard tag on it that shows the date it was tested.
  • Your current electronic security provider should inspect this sticker to make sure it is up-to-date.

Keeping on top of your emergency lighting and fire extinguishers may seem like a task that can be pushed to the bottom of your list of things to do, but this is not the case. The safety of your employees, customer and assets should be your top priority, staying up-to-date with these tests will help ensure that.

Next time your electronic security provider comes to your building, pay attention to the way they run the tests, if they do at all. Do they have you questioning your safety? It may be time to switch…

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