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Learning how to get the most from your technology without always having to make a new investment is critical to creating a safer, more secure environment for your staff and clients. Don’t be fooled into thinking that because you have older equipment it is not able to achieve the results you desire.

Not only is it possible to extend the useful life of your security equipment, in the hands of a well-trained professional that understands your needs and the technology, amazing things can happen. You can dramatically improve your image quality, increase retention of video files, and get more reliable performance. That is just the beginning. When properly cared for, your systems should yield substantial results for years—often many times beyond the expected life cycle.

As security and technology managers we all need to find ways to stretch our budgets without sacrificing results or creating concern that we might not be doing all we can to protect those we are responsible for. For surveillance systems this means learning how to create better images with our existing systems, extend the retention of video files on our recorders, and maintain and preserve the integrity of the data as it ages.

By simply adjusting your camera type, lens type, camera placement, DVR, focal distance and frame rate, you might be able to greatly increase the quality of the images produced by your surveillance system. If you find yourself (and you are not alone) struggling to manage legacy technology and poor performance or results not meeting expectations, contact us.

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