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Every door to your building has a lock and a deadbolt. You also have video surveillance in every corner. Is access control really necessary? Yes. The answer to this question is always yes, access control is very necessary. Whether your institution is small, medium or large, the need for access control is always there. Keys can be lost, stolen and replicated. Access control eliminates the extra hassle and the extra stress.

What is Building Access Control?

Building access control is exactly what it sounds like. The technology controls the access to an asset or resource. With this technology you have the ability to limit who has access, when they have access and which rooms they have access to.

What Are the Benefits of Installing Access Control in Your Building?

  • Access permissions can be customized to each user
    All employees may have access to the main building but maybe only supervisors and managers have access to the stockroom
  • Door lock scheduling that can automatically lock and unlock doors
    How many times do you wake up frantically in the middle of the night in fear that you forgot to lock the doors when you closed up?
  • An audit trail of everyone who enters and exits the building
    Has something gone missing from the safe or the stockroom? Easily login to the technology to see exactly who came and went and at what time.
  • Activate and reactivate keys easily
    Have you hired a new employee? Does an employee no longer work for you? You no longer need to make sure the key is returned, nor do you have to worry about changing all the locks!
  • Remote access
    Did you receive word that your institution is in trouble while you are out of the building? You now have the ability to lock or unlock the doors with the push of a button.

Do you now understand the importance of building access control? Are you interested in installing it in your institution?

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