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Have you ever made an investment in security technology and been disappointed with the outcome? We can help.

10. Are my digital recorders providing six months of video storage?

9. Do motion detectors installed in my locations conform to the UL four-step rule?

8. Do my security systems have enough battery back-up to sustain a serious outage?

7. Do I have environmental protection for my data and IT rooms? Are there alerts and notifications?

6. Do I have sufficient hold-up button protection in all of my locations?

5. Do my ATM, night depositories, and safes all have proper three-point protection? Are these safes under separate control from the premises?

4. If one my employees is in the break room and a hold-up button is pressed, what happens?

3. Does my security system use two forms of communication to contact the authorities?

2. Do I have video surveillance of all areas where there are cash transactions or counting?

1. Are my employees, customers, and assets as secure as they should be?

What Will It Cost Me to Get Answers from a Professional on All These Questions?

Nothing... If you contact ISG.

In most instances, we can give you better quality, longevity, and security using your existing equipment! Give us an opportunity to show you. This time, you will not be disappointed. 

At ISG, we have been performing security assessments for financial institutions for over 25 years. We have in-depth knowledge of today's security technologies. We combine that with expertise on regulatory compliance in the financial vertical market to provide you with a detailed assessment of your current security program and recommendations on technologies, policies, and procedures that can truly benefit your institution, and most importantly, protect your people, customers, assets, and brand.