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Selecting the right security system provider could make all the difference when it comes to keeping your business safe and secure.

Your current electronic security provider is essential to the safety and security of your institution. When thinking about your current security provider what comes to mind? Are they responsive? Are they accessible? Are they a resource beyond your systems? Are they a true partner? Do they care about you and not just your contract? It is important that you completely trust and respect your provider. After all, they are the ones that are keeping your employees, customers and assets safe and secure.

Here are the top 5 reasons to change your electronic security service provider:

1. My Current Provider is Too Expensive.

Higher cost does not always mean better service. Are you paying a large sum of money for little service? Make sure to take into account the amount of contact you have with your security vendor. If you do not feel like you can contact them at any time, are they really worth the amount of money you are paying?

2. My Current Provider Just Wants To Fix the Problem, Not Find Out the Root Cause.

Like anything, finding the root cause of a problem or issue is essential to preventing the problem from occurring again. Your electronic security service provider should know and understand this. They should take the time to thoroughly analyze the situation and pinpoint the root cause preventing future issues and improving overall system performance and reliability.

3. My Current Provider Puts Larger Customers First.

Providers should not play favorites. Each of their clients should be of equal importance and get the same amount of attention.

4. My Current Provider Cannot Get Things Fixed the First Time Out.

You want to be confident that your provider will fix the problem that you have the first time. The problems that may occur with your system may prevent your institution from being 100% secure so the quicker the problem is fixed, the better.

5. My Current Provider is Not a Partner; They Care More About Making Money Than Helping Me.

You want your provider to be with you every step of the way. With most companies, once they are done with the installation you never hear from them again! You need a provider that will always be there for you. A company that you can rely on to answer your questions and fix your problem, no matter how small.

Ready to Switch Security System Providers?

So, what do you think of your current electronic security service provider? Are you getting the attention you deserve? Are you getting what you pay for? If not, it is time to consider changing your electronic security service provider. See if the Integrated Security Group is the right electronic security service provider for you.

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