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As the individuals charged with caring for and creating safer environments for our respective financial institutions, our responsibilities extend to our clients, staff, and visitors to make decisions to keep them secure. We do this by using the tools at our disposal, whether it’s technology or policies, to support better outcomes, maximize our return on investment, deter crimes, and resolve the variety of insurance claims we are faced with before they become legal issues.

Video surveillance is an integral part of any electronic security program, but often it is not used to its fullest potential. Many surveillance systems are not designed for a specific outcome; instead they are at best generalized applications or approaches to the use of this valuable technology that never really achieve their potential or the results we desire. Capturing usable images or intelligence from any system requires a bit of understanding and know how. Even legacy systems that you might believe have reached the end of their useful life can be improved dramatically by the hands of experienced professionals.

Your video surveillance system(s) should be more than a one-dimensional tool. These systems should bring confidence to your staff that the enterprise is using effective means to deter crime and document suspicious activity for investigation, keeping them safer and more secure at work.

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Next week we will begin to look at how to achieve these outcomes with your current system. In the meantime, take a look at 5 Things to Assess/Keep in Mind When Installing a Video Surveillance System in Your Financial Institution.