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The Latest Access Control Technology

In one of our previous blog posts we stressed the importance of installing and maintaining access control in your institution. We highlighted the various benefits which hopefully persuaded you to consider or look into installing. But what exactly would you install? What are the access control options?

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Posted 7/5/2016

What Should Really Happen During a Consultation?

You are currently feeling a little uneasy about your electronic security provider. Maybe they don’t answer when you call. They may be really bad at returning a phone call. Or maybe you never see or hear from them unless they are collecting a payment. This has driven you to consider switching your electronic security provider.

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Posted 5/31/2016

The Importance of Having a Building Access Control System

Every door to your building has a lock and a deadbolt. You also have video surveillance in every corner. Is access control really necessary? Yes. The answer to this question is always yes, access control is very necessary. Whether your institution is small, medium or large, the need for access control is always there. Keys can be lost, stolen and replicated. Access control eliminates the extra hassle and the extra stress.

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Posted 5/23/2016