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Getting More Than You'd Expect from Your Surveillance System: Part 1

As the individuals charged with caring for and creating safer environments for our respective financial institutions, our responsibilities extend to our clients, staff, and visitors to make decisions to keep them secure. We do this by using the tools at our disposal, whether it’s technology or policies, to support better outcomes, maximize our return on investment, deter crimes, and resolve the variety of insurance claims we are faced with before they become legal issues.

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Posted 10/31/2019

5 Things to Assess/Keep in Mind When Installing a Video Surveillance System in Your Financial Institution

Video surveillance is the heart of your security system. Day and night, it works to record all potential and current threats to your institution. Without video surveillance your institution’s assets would be very vulnerable, as would your employees and customers. Video surveillance has the ability to monitor every inch of your institution, and when installed correctly and carefully, can be 100% reliable.

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Posted 10/5/2019

The Latest Access Control Technology

In one of our previous blog posts we stressed the importance of installing and maintaining access control in your institution. We highlighted the various benefits which hopefully persuaded you to consider or look into installing. But what exactly would you install? What are the access control options?

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Posted 7/5/2016